Agog! A Feast of Foreign Films, returns to the James Theatre Dungog on 1 and 2 September 2017

Starting at 7pm on Friday 1 September with hit French film Monsieur Chocolat, Agog continues with four films on Saturday 2 September, commencing at 11am. Our famous Supper behind the Screen also returns, prior to the final film on Saturday night.

Tickets are now available to purchase online here, and get in fast for the early bird special. Ticket prices are:
Early bird until August 15 – 10% discount on bookings
All five films regular price – $70
Single films – $15
Supper behind the Screen $30
(A small booking fee is also charged at the time of purchase.)

The full program is:
7pm, Friday 1 September – Monsieur Chocolat (M), France
11am, Saturday 2 September – Perfect Strangers (M), Italy
1.30pm, Saturday 2 September – Chicken People (PG), US
3.30pm, Saturday 2 September – A Man Called Ove (M), Sweden
6.00pm, Saturday 2 September – Supper behind the Screen
7.30pm, Saturday 2 September – The Trip to Spain (M), UK



Friday 1 September, 7pm
Monsieur Chocolat (M)
Drama/Biography (France) 1h 59m

This lively and unmissable French box-office hit details the fascinating rise-and-fall story of the first popular Afro-Cuban artist of the French stage. Lavishly set in stunning Belle Époque Paris, it is beautifully realised through the energised performances of the charismatic Omar Sy (The Intouchables) and real-life circus-performer (and grandson of Charlie Chaplin), James Thierrée. Based on the true story of Rafael Padilla, who was born in Cuba in 1868 and sold into slavery at the age of 9, to a Portuguese merchant. After escaping servitude, he travelled to Paris and launched a career in the circus, captivating the French with his talents as a singer and dancer, and as a clown, working under the stage name ‘Chocolat’. During the late 1800s, Chocolat (Sy) is making a living in a provincial French circus performing the role of a tooth-baring cannibal named Kalanka — a novel spectacle for the country people who have never seen a black man before. It is here that he impresses established performer George Footit (Thierrée) who takes him under his wing. Together, they develop a routine which catapults them to stardom, glamour and riches in Paris’ Nouveau Cirque. However, the satisfaction of success can only last so long as Chocolat’s desire for equality begins to take hold.

Saturday 2 September, 11am
Perfect Strangers (M)
Comedy/Drama (Italy) 1h 37m

“Let’s play a game then. We’ll all put our phones on the table…”
A national phenomenon it Italy, Perfect Strangers is a multi-award winning new comedy of manners from director Paolo Genovese. It is a fiendishly clever take on decorum in the age of modern technology, that got the whole of Italy asking: how well do we really know those closest to us? Fuelled by both a great screenplay and an all-star cast, Perfect Strangers are seven long-time friends (three couples and one bachelor), all 40ish, who gather one night for a dinner party and agree that no private calls or messaging will disrupt their evening. Instead, in a communal fit of ‘we have nothing to hide’ bravado, they place their devices on the table, and all incoming calls and texts are shared with the group.
But what seems at first like an innocent and playful distraction between friends quickly turns into something more, as the messages start to reveal some eye-opening secrets and how little they may truly know about their partners and acquaintances. Bristling with of-the-moment talking points about the complications of modern technology, Perfect Strangers became a box office sensation in Italy. Thanks to its superb, rapid-fire dialogue and terrific ensemble cast, including Marco Giallini and Alba Rorhwacher, the film effortlessly transitions between incisive comedy and emotion, delivering a fresh and wildly entertaining spin on the many ways performance has come to define our public lives.

Saturday 2 September, 1.30pm
Chicken People (PG)
Documentary/Comedy/Family (US) 1h 23m

In a high stakes world where a single broken feather can mean a shattered dream, Chicken People follows the trials and tribulations of those who breed exotic birds in the world of competitive poultry. In the tradition of Spellbound comes a feature documentary about three rich and diverse personalities who come together to compete in their shared passion to raise the perfect chicken.
Chicken People plunges us right into the heart of the world of show chickens and the people who love them. Starting at the largest national poultry competition, this chirpy feature documentary follows the struggles and triumphs of breeders Brian C, Shari and Brian K as they grapple with life’s challenges, while vying to win the ultimate title of Grand Champion at the Ohio National Poultry Show. Over the course of a year they face highs and lows, from inconsistent feather markings, to an outbreak of Avian flu that may lead to a shutdown of the chicken championships. Chicken People lets you into their fascinating world as they share their passion for poultry, and how competing provides a place for their dreams to roost. Both humorous and heartfelt, Chicken People is a heart-warming look at the ultimate best-in-show of chicken perfection, and an unforgettable celebration of the human spirit. Directed by Nicole Lucas Haimes.
Is there anyone like this in Dungog? And will the best chicken win?

Saturday 2 September, 3.30pm
A Man Called Ove (M)
Comedy/Drama (Sweden) 1h 56m

Stepping from the pages of Fredrik Backman’s international best-selling novel, Ove is the quintessential angry old man next door. An isolated retiree with strict principles and a short fuse, Ove spends his days enforcing block association rules that only he cares about, and visiting his wife’s grave. Enter a boisterous young family next door who accidentally flattens Ove’s mailbox while moving in and earning his special brand of ire. Yet from this inauspicious beginning an unlikely friendship forms and we come to understand Ove’s past happiness and heartbreaks. What emerges is a heart-warming tale of unreliable first impressions and the gentle reminder that life is sweeter when it’s shared. A Man Called Ove has become one of Sweden’s biggest ever locally-produced box office hits. Director Hannes Holm finds the beating heart of his source material. Swedish star Rolf Lassgård, whose performance won him the Best Actor award at the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival, affectingly embodies the lovable curmudgeon Ove.

Agog Supper behind the Screen 6 pm to 7.30 pm


Saturday 15 July, 7.30pm
The Trip to Spain (M)
Comedy/Travel (UK) 1h 55m

Michael Winterbottom’s postcard to Spain reunites the two amigos, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in the third chapter of the series The Trip.
They pick up where they left off in The Trip to Italy and continue with semifictional, spouse-free raconteurial ramblings and a tour of some of the best restaurants in Spain for a newspaper review. Six meals in six different places on a road trip through Spain, from the North Atlantic to the Mediterranean coast: visiting Cantabria, the Basque region, Aragon, Rioja, Castile La Mancha and ending in Andalucia.
Steve, now turned 50, is still chasing love – he wants to get back together with his ex-girlfriend Mischa, but she is with another man. Rob’s acting career is going from strength to strength, his family life is fulfilling – he has had another child since Steve last saw him.
Steve has just starred as a chef in a US TV series and is asked to do a set of restaurant reviews in Spain to publicise the show. As usual Rob will write the reviews, this time using Don Quixote as inspiration. Meanwhile Steve is hoping to write a more ambitious book based on this trip and his earlier experiences in Spain. He imagines himself in the tradition of writers such as Orwell, Hemingway, and Laurie Lee. After all, Steve is now an Oscar nominated writer.



  • 12 Sat 7pm
    Action, Adventure, Fantasy
    Rampage (M)
  • 19 Sat 4pm
    Animation, Adventure, Comedy
    Sherlock Gnomes (PG)
  • 19 Sat 7pm
    Drama, History, Romance
    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (M)
  • 20 Sun 7pm
    Comedy, Drama
    The Death of Stalin (MA15+)


  • 2 Sat 7pm
    Drama, Sport
    Breath (M)
  • 10 Sun 2pm
    Animation, Adventure, Comedy
    Isle of Dogs (PG)
  • 16 Sat 7pm
    Action, Adventure, Fantasy
    Avengers: Infinity War (M)
  • 17 Sun 7pm
    Documentary, Music
    The Song Keepers (PG)
  • 23 Sat 6.30pm
    Dungog Masked Ball
    Out Of This World
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