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Stand-Up comedy
Sunday 19 March, 3pm

Uncle Nath –  ‘Dads Have Feelings Too’

Newcastle-based stand-up comedian Uncle Nath heads to the James, with an advanced showing of his 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival show ‘Dads Have Feelings Too‘.
This is a warm tale of a well-intentioned dad hanging by a thread. Uncle Nath is an endearing suburban dad who enjoys football, BBQs and sobbing into his pillow at night. Sure, Nath was not successful at school, business or life, but he is still a nice person. Enjoy the pain as Uncle Nath stumbles through confusing times! Original and witty, it weaves a series of strange mid-life-crisis cures, with some moving moments and plenty of laughs.
The show is an explosive ride – but even as Uncle Nath endures defeat, you’ll never hear him swear. Nath delivers sharp stand up without the profanities, so the show can be enjoyed by the whole family. “Yep, all these years later and the swear-jar is still empty,” he says. “When I first started doing stand-up I was advised to keep it clean and clever. So I have been able to perform in all kinds of places, including churches!”
Tickets are just $15, and are available online here or from the theatre.




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