Vocal and guitar concert
Saturday 7 March, 7 pm

Collister & Fix

There’s a real treat for live music fans, when sensational musicians Collister & Fix return to the James. It’s been a couple of years since they were last in town, but those who were at their last gig won’t have forgotten their brilliant sets. Now there’s a chance for a new audience to see the duo again as they bring their tour and their new CD – North&South – to Australia.
Christine Collister and Michael Fix create a rare musical synergy, that transcends cultures and musical traditions to enrapture audiences wherever they perform. Christine’s sultry, sensuous voice and brilliant range, combined with Michael’s exquisite guitar playing, transports the listener to places in the soul where only music can take you. Christine draws her inspiration from the Celtic mysteries of the Isle of Man, in the middle of the Irish Sea. Michael has both the dry deserts of Australia and a German heritage in his blood.
Be prepared to be mesmerised by the combination of their talent, experience and natural stage presence as they skilfully move through the gamut of human emotion. They promise to have you crying, laughing and tapping your toes in equal measure and will leave you feeling totally up-lifted and full of hope!

Tickets are $25 at the door.


March 2021

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